A collection of the easiest, tastiest recipes ever.


The story of dude meals is a simple one really...

I wanted big muscles, but I didn’t have time for meal prepping or learning how to cook. For most of my life, I’ve been a businessman, a competitive athlete, and a lover of adventure and traveling.

So, I started to eat meals that helped me meet my goals but didn’t look very appetizing. It became pretty normal for people to look at my food and say “Eww, why are you eating that?” To which I would always respond, “Because I only care about being fu*%ing shredded.”

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably done something similar and, like me, eventually you got tired of it. “I need to live a normal life,” you say to yourself. “I don’t want to be weird anymore. I might actually want another human to like me. I might actually want to be able to date someone without seeming insane.”

So, I started to throw random foods I loved into a bowl. I’ll admit, most of my creations did not taste good, but then one time I hit on something pretty interesting: I mixed ground beef and mayonnaise together, and it kind of resembled a bowl of cereal. I posted about these “meat cereal bowls” on social media and the idea took off. I eventually started putting meat cereal into tortillas and calling them “dude wraps.” The #dudemeal hashtag caught on, and I realized that a lot of people want ideas for fast, macro-friendly meals that actually taste good!

As the catalog of dude meals has expanded, I’ve always kept a few main principles in mind:

Every dude meal recipe will only take a handful of minutes to prepare.

You won’t need any cooking skills to make them.

They will always have the optimal macros to keep you jacked!

They will never suck.They will taste good hot or cold.

They will always turn a sad day into a happy day.

They will never let you down.

They will save you a lot of time. (So you can get sh*t done.)

... You have essentially committed to the “mullet” of eating regimens. YOU will always be all business in front, but your nutrition will always be a party in the back.

Congratulations, you’ve found the last set of recipes you will ever need. I highly recommend you be careful with this new discovery & the results that will ensue from using it... People may start looking at you differently.

Women may run across traffic to get a closer look at the man who knows these secrets.

The confidence you will exude may very well result in promotions at work.

You may start getting random calls from ex-girlfriends wanting to meet up for no reason.

Tickets to the Super Bowl might randomly appear in your mailbox.

You might wake up to find that you got 1M followers on TikTok overnight.

Why? Just because you posted a selfie after chowing down on a glorious dude meal.

I won’t make promises I can’t keep, but here’s one I stand behind: Your life will never be the same.