The Official Dude Meals Cook Book

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    Congratulations, you’ve found the last set of recipes you will ever need!

    Each Recipe in this guide is designed to be incredible simple to both cook & track, while tasting incredible!

    Here's what you'll find inside this one-of-a-kind guide:

    • Digital PDF 137 page recipe guide with 100 ridiculously good recipes!
    • Whole Foods Cheat Sheet
    • Trader Joe's Cheat Sheet
    • Sample 'Dude Meals' Eating Days
    • Macro Tracking Info for each recipe
    • Full Guide Ingredient List & Cooking Tools List
    • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Dairy Free Optional & Low Carb Meal Options
    • Every Recipe Prioritizes Protein!!
    • Download to as many devices as you like!